One word two words.

Can’t blame the world for what I have become. It’s all my own doing. I am no victim of the circumstances. Fuck circumstances. I am all that I did. And what all did I do. A hell lot of shit. But I am no victim. I am good as I am. Of course, I’ve had many bad days. Many many many bad days, to be frank. They ain’t ever over. Today was just another bad day. But so what. There’s a life to live and shit to do. Whatever happens, there’s breath that needs to be taken. Sometimes, I am this close to losing my shit. Right in that moment, I look down or I look some other way and take a deep breath. And I tell myself, ‘This ain’t worth shit.’ I tell myself that they are just another bunch of deluded folks and they come and go. I’ve been sick. I’ve been sick as hell and it doesn’t matter. How I wish these were my last days. How gloriously I’ve brought myself amidst all of this. Tell me all of this is true and none of it is lies, and I shall spread my lies somewhere else. In the beginning was a word, ‘BITCH!.’

In the end will be two words, ‘SUCK THIS!’ and then someone will come and pour mud over our dead bodies and say three words of his own.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.


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