Journaling and stuff.

Been writing in this journal of mine since last one year. It has been one fucking hell of a journey. 213 pages of blood and tears and all things raw. This journal will form the basis of my first work of prose. Earlier, I thought I would just publish my journal as it is – of course, with the much needed editing. Now, I am not so sure. There’s so much stuff in this journal that shouldn’t meet the eyes of the world directly. Nothing is final yet. I’ve been doing some thinking around the idea now and then. Also, been give some time to learning the craft of good storytelling. Of course, to better writing, one needs to do more and more writing. There’s no way around it.

About journaling, it has been an awesome experience. I didn’t know a year ago that I could write so much shit. It has definitely helped me to get into the habit of writing every single day. Of course, there were many days when I didn’t write at all. There were weeks, even months when I didn’t write down a single line of anything. Things have gotten better over time when it comes to writing – in fact, things have gotten better only in writing. All else is going to shit like always. Whenever I close my eyes, I visualise the punches of the world right on my face hitting me down, and then a long cold shower, the cold water drops hitting at the same places, sending my way more pain, and surprisingly, some relief.

Enough of this shit. Today is Sunday and October is coming. Days will be sunnier. I do not care about the sun that much. All I need is a lot less rain. I am tired of this rain that’s raining all the time. It has fucked my head to some extent. In October, I am getting out there again and more often. There will be more travelling and more experiences. About writing, well, there’s always stuff to write. There will always be.

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