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scattered all over this world, my words are waiting to find you and you and you ageing with each moment like whiskey in gallons sealed in a wood barrel, ready to blow your mind the moment it opens. © Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved. Hello, dear reader. My e-book Dying in Living is [...]

Tomorrow again.

I've always wanted to grow this blog of mine. It is now two years and three months old and I do not know the future of it as much as I do not know the future of myself. Had a call from a colleague an hour ago. It has left me drained. Nothing more tiring [...]

Travelling light.

The truth is that you don't ever quit being what you truly are. It's something bounded to your core. It doesn't matter whether you're good or bad. I think a man gives its best when he is closest to what he truly is. I've contemplated many times on the true nature of man. I do [...]

Big things.

Big things are coming. But they are always coming and they never come. This time, it might be different or it might turn out to be the same as before. Only time will tell. But how much time before we are told what is and what is not. No idea. Usually with these things, it [...]

Where have I been.

Haven't read a book in two years. Haven't been anywhere. Haven't met any artist. Haven't felt anything exploding inside of me. What will it take to bring me back to life once again. My life isn't over yet. It's just torn apart and it keeps tearing up more and more. All these lines probably mean [...]