In eternal slumber.

How to work with a man who cannot handle anything. That's the puzzle. How to make him realize that future is not the place to live in, that it is never coming. He thinks that there is no problem with him. He wants to be in a different situation that in what he is right [...]

Travelling West.

Cattle-ranching was a thing of those days along with four or five more elements, and the topography was such that it pushed any man to the edge. He had to be as strong as he could be and if that did not happen then he was soon eliminated by fate or by the bullet of [...]

Morning noise.

The rain stopped some time between morning and night. The collected water is drying here and there all by itself. An hour ago, somebody knocked at my door. Nobody was there when I looked out the peephole. A neighboring kid does that sometimes but I do not suspect it was him today. His knock is [...]


Whenever I act, is there a conscious decision made behind acting in the manner in which I act? For example, if I feel like picking up a book to read, before I extend my hand towards that book to pick it up, have I actually, consciously decided on picking it up? Or am I doing [...]

One drinkless evening.

How could somebody lack the inspiration to write. The thought baffles me. Really, there's so much to observe. So much keeps going on all around us. You will fall dead way before you are able to grasp everything. People are so busy inside their heads, fighting unnecessary wars that they miss out on a lot [...]


Connection weakens. Sleep breaks due to some discomfort. I turn to the other side, knowing that it isn't the cure. A word, a line can make you miserable. I long for an adventure, for something boundless. A physical road fails to take me far enough. Travelling infinite distance is not possible. Any star is untouchable. [...]