Days of sickness.

What else about this evening? I am feeling better and that is all. Five days in isolation. Five more to go. The virus is a real bastard. Outside, days and nights roll away. Who really needs my permission or my advice? No one. With me locked in a room, the world went on fine. That [...]

Dirty and living.

I haven't taken a bathit's been two daysexorcise me from my ill ways my skin is some dirty ragburn it in bonfireroll my ashes and smokebut be careful,hide under a cloak my teeth they have yellowedfrom too much drinkingtoo much sittingand too much thinking my nails they have growntaller than eucalyptushold them by your handsrun [...]

How much could I take.

last night I drank too muchmixed beer and wineand I drank from midnighttill morning nineI thought if anything was realor that all was fakeand really, how much could I take I went to the seaand drowned myself therethe sea picked me upand spat me out and said'You can't die here,'I crawled out of thereand sat [...]

Rooftop blues.

daddy came to me and asked if I can stay longerhow longer, I askedthe noose around my neck was getting strongerhis voice quivered and was quickly gonewhen I threw on him a shoeI remembered his voice as I wrotethe rooftop blues.mommy came to me laterand asked if everything was fineI opened my mouth and told [...]