An evening and Kafka.

Cold evening. Early return from work. Nothing to do until tomorrow morning. I had this urge to read Kafka again, and so this evening, I began reading his diaries. Some music in background kept playing. It was slow music. Not classical though. It might have been blues. On the other side of street, one man [...]

An update.

Few more lines written in journal this evening. Now, time to take a break, smoke a cigarette, listen to piano music in the dissecting silence of this cold night. I wish I wore lesser and felt freer. Of course the act won't set me free, but better to feel that feeling before I am dead [...]

Thorn break.

Munching snacks. Looking at the window. Beer forcing itself out of my damp eyes. The world won't care about my absence as much as I don't care about the absence of the world. Some song playing but I do not care. There's nothing else but this moment. All else is false recording, exaggeration or understatement. [...]

After a noise day.

Hopefully, it won't rain today. Dinner has been served earlier than usual, only I haven't eaten yet. Often, my hunger isn't for food. I will see later. Met this character today. He is one of those who know nothing but shout a lot in everything. That's how people like him want to hide their incompetence. [...]