Ramblings on my vision Part one.

I might share a little more tonight, or I might not. Who really gives a damn? It's time I start working towards my vision. My vision. What is it? I have never written it down. I only have a vague idea. It's there in my mind since long, suspended like a thick haze, dead but [...]

And another movie.

Reading another short story by Raymond Carver. It's funny. It's about some fat man in a restaurant who keeps on eating, and then he goes home. A lot of fat in there. A lot of fat. And a lot of eating. I laugh and look out of the window. The weather is good. The winds [...]

I am not.

I am not a poet. I know nothing of rhythm or rhyme or imagination. I am like Henry Miller. I am a talker and I talk through words. I hate my voice, those repulsive vibrations of my vocal cords. I would rather not speak. Ever. I would rather decay in my plastic chair on some [...]

No more tonight.

Opened a new page. Let's see what have we got tonight. A packet o biscuits and no dog to feed. A water bottle half empty. A pair of lungs half collapsed. Let's introduce ourselves gently to the matters of death and life beyond dying. Let's open our legs and bare our backs to the harsh [...]

Deep in the night.

Wasted most of my evening time watching stupid films on television. Now, lying awake deep in the hollow pit of this night. Alone and weak and faltering like a soldier with three arrows through his chest and one through his ass. I lay down like a corpse in the coffin that is my bed. I [...]

Sitting on my ass.

Another day. Who would have thought. But it's here. It's always here. It's spreading its eagle wings, opening its dinosaur mouth. It's going to devour me today, just like it did yesterday. I am tired and weak and there's something in me which is incurable. I write my blogs inside locked bathroom, on the toilet [...]