With an unfilled stomach.

Memory is a problem, so is imagination. I would prefer imagining nothing, remembering nothing. Dreaming drains me. My nightmares continue even after they have ended. For a change, I am listening to something else, something that is not jazz or blues or classic. The smell of a burning incense stick has made this place more [...]

Inside a clean room.

For a night, these men and women forgot their woes. They stepped out of their homes. Some even saw the light. The others talked about whatever. I guess everybody talked. I was nowhere, drunk and proceeding as usual, locked inside without any God. Something reminds me that I cannot have peace, that I cannot have [...]

Out of another day.

There's no stress. I just keep running out of time. I often think about vomiting blood although I do not wait for such a day. My god has, once again, gone far away. Meeting him is a cumbersome process. Alcohol cannot help every time. I am just too tired to find another way. I wish [...]

A saturday.

I am waiting for a call. I won't go until I am called. Or should I go on my own and put my neck under the blade? No. No. There's still time. What if the call doesn't come. The morning motor is running, the water rushing through convoluted pipes out of the cistern and into [...]

Tea, rain, I.

Less was the least. More could have been much more. In whatever path I have walked are long halls emptied out before my arrival. I can't do a thing other than take a walk and then sit for a while. Rarely somebody comes across and almost never opens his mouth. Whatever I touch is a [...]