A life full of downs.

Since the beginning of birth, it has been like this. I've lived in some kind of fear. Today, I can write just about anything but I cannot write a thing about that fear. It's still there. Only it's clearly felt when I am around my loved ones - my family. Calling them 'loved ones' is [...]

Where have I been.

Haven't read a book in two years. Haven't been anywhere. Haven't met any artist. Haven't felt anything exploding inside of me. What will it take to bring me back to life once again. My life isn't over yet. It's just torn apart and it keeps tearing up more and more. All these lines probably mean [...]

An update.

23496 words and still running. This piece of text might very well form the basis of my next book. Another year is near. The idea of a new year is thrilling but only until the moment when the clock strikes midnight. Once you've entered the year, it begins to feel all the same. Why. It [...]

Out for too long.

basking in 11:47 sun Liszt crazy on his piano my life is a poorly crafter art film besides, no audience Liszt has gone to vomit soon, clouds gather and strike the birds down my mind a sea of toilet water in my garden, a peacock getting fucked by the neighbour's dog a cat sleeping through [...]