Riding on a wet road.

It won't be wise to ignore the obvious signs of danger. I am not as far from my destination as I think I am. Night awakens the noises that sleep throughout the day. Still, a night is better than a day. And the problem lies there, in my likeness for the night. Inebriated, I feel [...]


this brightness is too bright, it kills inspiration and everything else I wait for it to diminish and once that happens, I can stop waiting for it to diminish and do something else right now, each point is on fire that connects to every other point behind these cracked walls I touch each point with [...]

Alive before dead.

Two hours later, my legs began to freeze. It wasn't winter. The winds were blowing against me. And I was riding too fast. I opened my coffin and prepared to lie down in it. As I sat in it, I thought about the next day and how the sun won't exist anymore. The winds had [...]

Leave now than later.

for a minute standing here is alright in the mild torment of rainy winds they carry only coldness to my skin they feel alright for a minute thereafter, my bones start failing to comply an urge to run there, to that lone bulb glowing and stand underneath it and just that this home will be [...]

Sitting outside.

when has this sky bled so beautifully as it is bleeding right now its blood was golden a while ago a few looked at it like I did now the blood has travelled beyond those mountains that I will never reach, not today. Copyright © Tomic Riter 2020 . All rights reserved.