idly rotating along with everything how beautiful - moon rising nobody else watching nights like these won't be coming from deep red to orange to the final golden the sound of water dripping from a pipe cool breeze accompanying I imagine your body over mine, crawling. Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

I had a dream.

I had a dream. Well, fuck it. It's been a long time. I have been drunk so much since then. One bottle after another. One night after another. One song and then another. Nothing ends. Everything is on repeat. The food, the people, the bars, the cities, the roads, the beer cans. Everything. How would [...]

From my red room.

From my red room. Dirty as hell and unattended. The only light before my midnight. The only songful haven in this goddamn graveyard where not a grass grows. This is my red room and I come alive here and fall dead here almost every day. My disgraceful coffin inside which I lie and I lust [...]