You feed me.

you feed me bullets you feed me uncooked butterflies you feed me drain water and lemon soda you feed me sunlight and ass you feed me crap books and boring satire you feed me boiling water and salt stones you feed me all the hells at once you feed me breasts and legs you feed [...]

Dirty eyes.

Early morning. Heartbroken. Defecating this loneliness and shit. Irritated by the tap water tapping on the bathroom floor. Now, what else is there to do. My blood will be taken away in a short time and it will get analysed and I will be declared a lunatic. Not a bad consequence of being alive all [...]

The only one.

It's a beautiful morning burning like hell. I have pulled the curtains. Everything before my eyes is orange and blue. A proper bath is needed but to hell with that. I got nowhere to go. I am the carrier of a deadly virus and so far, the ride has been a tiring one. Two nights [...]

What next?

Started writing some short stories. I guess a short story book is coming next. How soon, I cannot say. I have few ideas and I am going wherever they take me. I do not plan much. Often, much planning isn't required either. A little of it does the work. I guess it's better to do [...]