Laws and backaches.

That there's a legal age for drinking and it varies from one country to another says a lot about how well we have our laws planned. In short, a man/woman breaking law in one country might not be doing so in some other country, and is, as a result, not punished in one country and [...]

One coffee, please.

It’s hard for an artist not to think of success. Without envisioning success far down the line somewhere, he might not even begin to act upon his visions and dreams. Sitting in this cafe at 7 in the evening after a tiring day at work, what makes me think, out of nowhere, about the success [...]

Morning hunger.

I am not failing enough. That is the problem. The problem is just that. The fucking problem. It's like I've come to a halt. I cannot believe how I have come to this. But then, there's nothing to believe in it. It's a fact that I've stopped functioning altogether. I am just a rotten vegetable [...]

Not a drop to drink.

Slowly, the reservoir breaks. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Slowly, the river gets heavier and heavier. It has become so heavy, it needs to spit out. Slowly, the river enters our cities. It's early morning and we are not ready to drown. It's late at night and we are not ready [...]