Laws and backaches.

That there’s a legal age for drinking and it varies from one country to another says a lot about how well we have our laws planned. In short, a man/woman breaking law in one country might not be doing so in some other country, and is, as a result, not punished in one country and punished for the same act in another country. How ridiculous is that. The society has always sucked, especially because of its senseless definitions of what’s acceptable and what’s not. Maybe man leading from forests to the civilisation was itself a mistake. Maybe none of this is sustainable and we have come to the point where we’re just tolerating each other’s bullshit and we have to keep doing that every fucking day because we see no other way. Everybody’s so scared of a little chaos, but the chaos is inevitable.

It’s amusing how a thought turns to a paragraph. Something has been hurting my lower back since a week now. It’s like something is inside my skin and eating me from within, literally. However much I stretch, it isn’t getting better. It’s like the ache is spreading slowly, like an infection. Haven’t had a proper sleep in two days. Maybe all I need is one good sleep, and the ache will be gone. Maybe I need to walk more. Maybe I need to put my body to some use, and this ache is just the beginning of a rot.

It’s a sunny day. A hundred miles have been covered between yesterday and today. This year is about adding miles to the whole experience. On other note, the house is in a complete disorder. Bottles everywhere, garbage, soiled clothes, dust. I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I’ll just lie down and try forgetting about it all one more time.

– – Tomic Riter. © All rights reserved.


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