The little pleasures and me.

Back home early from work. Oh the pleasure of coming home early from work, although there’s nothing much to do at home. The pleasure of sitting naked on the couch legs crossed or stretched out, putting on loud music, opening a can of beer, watching sunset from my bedroom, writing, reading a new book. It had been a long while since I gave time to myself.

Work keeps me busy. There’s a lot to do. Sometimes, I got nothing going on my mind other than work stuff. I miss out even on writing. It is something that seldom happens with me. However less time I get for myself, I do not forget to write. Now, sipping beer and listening to some good old music. God’s gonna cut you down.

On the writing front, been writing a fresh set of poems based loosely on my night experiences. The collection is still untitled. For now, I must get the writing done. The collection will be my third collection of poetry. A work of prose is already complete. It does need to be edited before I get it published. This year has been good so far. I mean there’s work stuff but it doesn’t bother me anymore. Got to live with that for now.

It had been a while since I last wrote here. I keep forgetting this place. I have promised before that I would be writing here regularly but it hasn’t happened. I won’t make any such promises this time. Sometimes, circumstances are such that they keep me away from this place. But I’ve always loved this place. It means much to me that you, my reader, are here and you’re reading all of this. It’s just unbelievable. I have unbound respect for you.

Damn! I didn’t even realise when my glass of beer got over. Need to pour another one. Need to get this evening going. Sometimes I wish I were in another city getting drunk on something that I haven’t gotten drunk on before. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never.

I think I should stop this one here. The sun is almost set. I hope you have been well all this while.

© Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.


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