Past nine.

waiting again the only task harder than waiting is to wait all over again it's like my life is jumping from one wait to the next I am a patient animal wounded but patient nothing in my wounds is personal I am a vagabond caught in the crossfire minutes fly out of my wretched life [...]

After dark.

alone immersed in after-dark thoughts time flew like bullets putting in me a thousand holes my blood out of me, down the staircase down the drainpipes seeping out through the door right into the tree-roots, into the buried filth I see rot all around sitting without a hair on me what monster will I be [...]

Another such night.

it was another of those nights when I did not know of my whereabouts another such night of intoxication I can do better, only I lack reason why do better when this isn't that bad what am I trying to forget what am I running from. Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

Just another evening.

another evening in the countryside time to switch on the table lamp another evening without a sunset another evening chasing away the stray cat another evening alone another evening holed up in my bedroom another evening with a dirty pair of hands another evening in the cradle of crisis another evening feeling the same feelings [...]