I had been away from here, and while I was away, I hoped nothing much would happen. Four hours have passed but the water hasn't dried, not completely. The puddle has reduced from ten inches wide to four inches wide. In another couple of hours, I won't be able to see my reflection in the [...]

Past sleep.

A little rain makes the landscape greener. I look at the 20-feet tall pigeon sitting outside the glass window. It's eyeball emerald studded watches brainlessly. Am I registered as an enemy? I wish a door was provided for an escape. But now I have to sit here under eternal watch. Its wings almost metallic. I [...]

This isn’t Kafka.

Somewhere around one third of finishing this book, I start losing my shit. My speed decreases. My mind is somewhere else. I hate to think. I stop before reading another page. I keep the book down. Were it Kafka, I could have bought cigarettes and smoked all night. But this isn't Kafka and I cannot [...]

In other world.

As I read about a man without a shadow, I fail to comprehend it. Does not having a shadow affect that man's conduct in any way? Can that really, finally, make him feel lonely? As a matter of fact, I have neved lived without my shadow. Even in absolute darkness, a shadow exists, only its [...]

Quarter to evening.

swollen veins in my body free from sweat free from a fear I sit full of pain orange light fills the room next to mine somebody has arrived another family, another kid, another television running another bunch of unnecessary talks I walk myself away from the light an hour later, I start forgetting. Copyright © [...]