Let’s laugh.

Sitting on the commode. Thinking about the world. HA HA HA! Behind me, the exhaust fan buzzing. Dirt in my eyes, in my fingernails. I am fine, just hack off my head. Pull down my pants and beat me to death. Where’s my breakfast! Oh there it is! But where! Oh there but where but there. Everywhere. I am going to eat everything and sing a song ding dong come play along what the fuck is going on. My underwear is hanging on a hook like a bride without make up. BAAHHHH.

Let us move on. Let us open all the water taps and drown the universe. Let us do something and laugh. Jesus Christ where is everybody! Oh they died long ago, got eaten by termites and bugs. A fine ending and an honourable one. Enough of this shit. Time to wipe my ass and brush my teeth and then stare at some wall all day.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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