Up and running and stopping.

I eat some fruits and fall back in my chair. Outside its burning hot. Always burning hot. If you travel west from here for 6 hours straight, you will hit a desert and fall into the hot sands. I traveled once in that direction. It was shit. Too hot. I thought I could take it but it was too hot. 48 degrees celsius hot. Ass burning hot. Hotter than any hot. And the food was bullshit. At night the desert would fall so calm, the camels would disappear, outside was pleasantly cool but inside, where I was supposed to sleep, was always hot so hot and I could never fall asleep, not even for a minute. All that happened ages ago.

Now I just sit in my chair and wait for the day when I can touch the sun again, and smell the flowers again and eat something and feel some taste. Now I just sit in my chair and drink water now and then and pop Vitamin pills and think of you and think of making love to you one more time.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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