Isolation days.

Woke up late. Again. I am trying to reduce my sleeping hours. I have tried doing that a thousand times. But alcohol or tiredness or something else keeps coming in the way. Walked to the toilet, took a dump, headache followed and then I brushed my teeth. Checked my blood test report – deficiency of Vitamin D. Of course. I am allergic to the sun. Sun will kill me before alcohol or anything else does. Outside my window, the birds were talking. Somebody was sweeping the floor at the ground level. I was hanging on the 8th floor, but I could still hear the sweeping. Then, ambulance sirens. It must have been another victim of the virus. The sirens kept blazing for half an hour. I was empty stomach. I finished my tea. My twelth day in isolation. It would be pretty much like my eleventh day.

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