Walking out of there to anywhere.

Report came in the morning. Tested negative. Finally! The virus in me is dead. Dead for now! Isolation ended after 15 days. But I managed to write quite a lot in those 15 days. Even got an e-book published. And wrote some short stories. And good music was always there to listen to.

I walked out of my room and straight to the kitchen, made myself a large cup of black coffee, added a little honey (I hate sugar!), stirred. I walked to the balcony with my cup, pulled out a rotten chair, sat in it and looked around. Below, orange bright flowers were swaying in hot winds. Men on motorcycles coming back and leaving. Birds shooting through the space. The empty blue sky above, the concrete ground below and all the things living and dead in between. It felt good to step out of my room and have a look at all that happening around. A boy walking to somewhere. A car taking left turn. Another car in reverse gear. Song blaring on a water tanker. Streetlights beginning to glow white. Leaves falling down, getting blown away. Bird feathers flowing with the wind. By the time I finished my coffee, it had cooled down. It always cools down. I put down my cup and thought about taking a walk outside. I hadn’t take a proper walk in months.

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