Rooftop blues.

daddy came to me and asked
if I can stay longer
how longer, I asked
the noose around my neck was getting stronger
his voice quivered and was quickly gone
when I threw on him a shoe
I remembered his voice as I wrote
the rooftop blues
mommy came to me later
and asked if everything was fine
I opened my mouth and told her
that it was already nine
and why would she come to me
at night so late
she could have come to me before eight
I looked away and sent her to hell
and I sat like a lonely fool
and wrote the rooftop blues
it took all my blood to climb this up
where only the empty bottles linger
and not a single hot cup
it took all my bones to form one full man
and a thousand nights of songs
to write what nobody can
but where the hell
where the hell
am I going, I got not clue
so I sat down one evening
and wrote the rooftop blues.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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