Quarter to evening.

swollen veins in my body free from sweat free from a fear I sit full of pain orange light fills the room next to mine somebody has arrived another family, another kid, another television running another bunch of unnecessary talks I walk myself away from the light an hour later, I start forgetting. Copyright © [...]

Just gazing above.

I will sit for another hour until the last particle of light is gone but soon a disturbance will come flying towards my body and I would be surprised if that is not able to make me move from here to some other place until then, I will watch gold drink gold, grow my neck [...]

Covering slowly.

blue has legs it covers all the white space it can flow if you look at it carefully, you will find that it can a subtle movement towards the west, grey is bursting out of white towards the north, a painting hangs, all white cloud fucking cloud shit bags like Picasso could never make such [...]


Copyright © Tomic Riter. twilight wind carries everywhere birdsongs trees are hanging from the sky penetrating these walls their roots rising from my fingertips I could have sipped all this dirty water that was clean before it fell down sometimes, traveling miles gives nothing other than vast green fields and no talks birdsongs die and [...]