It won’t stop anywhere.

the acidic smell of love sends me in a vertigo your teeth feasting on my tongue I have let you in before I am letting you in again my arms are open, my chest is bare, my skin is in flames, my wine is sour my head is pounding for your touch I could hold [...]

Out for too long.

basking in 11:47 sun Liszt crazy on his piano my life is a poorly crafter art film besides, no audience Liszt has gone to vomit soon, clouds gather and strike the birds down my mind a sea of toilet water in my garden, a peacock getting fucked by the neighbour's dog a cat sleeping through [...]

Towards sunset.

I've cracked open a beer I've put on classical music I have entered this evening thoroughly unprepared outside, noises of various kinds they'll die down in an hour the stray cat will run away to a warmer shelter I won't see her until next morning what has really happened to me why does everything that [...]

For you.

first light of morning how uninspiring wish I dug you up with my lips then with my teeth and finally licked you clean with my tongue instead, I turn to the other side, pull blanket over my head, disappear. Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

Not tonight.

had this moment few hours back on the rooftop with the moon hanging up, a clear sky, coldness as if I stepped into another world, only it were here stood there for a minute with my hands on the railing I looked ahead and around the streetlights were functional again and they made the roof [...]

All I have.

the good part is over all I have with me is my very own song driving through the darkness, doesn't matter how dark, doesn't matter the width and breadth and depth of the ditches and pits, only it must be crossed, and why because there's no alternate way oddly satisfying, this succumbing to the choicelessness, [...]

Enters the evening.

enters the evening with a couple of old songs wind fills the vacuum as I wait for my place in the operation theatre I have learnt it the hard way I cannot control the passage of time nor can I have more of it sooner or later I'll be gone I share with the wretched [...]

Fog, Me, You.

dense fog no world beyond hundred metre radius an hour into wakefulness, I still cannot think straight waiting for another fifteen minutes to pass maybe that will lift the fog in my head formed from long uninterrupted sleep it's strange how cold can sedate one into such a state twelve more minutes of waiting my [...]

Begin again.

late night done with all the red wine and half of dinner hopping from one song to the next craving for a smoke it's been a wet day it will be a wet week new addictions wait for me new destructions I lifted my one foot long ago I am still climbing that one step [...]