Somewhat like the blues.

Some electronic blues on my speakers. Let's see what these new fuckers have to offer. First song finished. Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. It's good but not good enough. Not as good as the old blues. But that's how modern sadness is, I guess. Something only half felt or felt not at all but spoken [...]

Dirty and living.

I haven't taken a bathit's been two daysexorcise me from my ill ways my skin is some dirty ragburn it in bonfireroll my ashes and smokebut be careful,hide under a cloak my teeth they have yellowedfrom too much drinkingtoo much sittingand too much thinking my nails they have growntaller than eucalyptushold them by your handsrun [...]

How much could I take.

last night I drank too muchmixed beer and wineand I drank from midnighttill morning nineI thought if anything was realor that all was fakeand really, how much could I take I went to the seaand drowned myself therethe sea picked me upand spat me out and said'You can't die here,'I crawled out of thereand sat [...]

Rooftop blues.

daddy came to me and asked if I can stay longerhow longer, I askedthe noose around my neck was getting strongerhis voice quivered and was quickly gonewhen I threw on him a shoeI remembered his voice as I wrotethe rooftop blues.mommy came to me laterand asked if everything was fineI opened my mouth and told [...]

The naked man gonna sing.

the naked man walks up the stairsthere's nothing much about which he caresand he is going on and onthe naked man has been here for long.he sits every night atop his roofand listens to the animals bark and woofhe stuffs his ears with cottonand hides his eyes behind sandpaperand if anybody comes knockingthe naked man [...]