idly rotating along with everything how beautiful - moon rising nobody else watching nights like these won't be coming from deep red to orange to the final golden the sound of water dripping from a pipe cool breeze accompanying I imagine your body over mine, crawling. Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

Without choice.

a bicycle came with its bells ringing I heard it having no choice the birds chirping before sunlight even started falling I heard it having no choice the motor running since yesterday night lifting water up over my head I heard it having no choice I played some jazz none of that could carry away [...]

Sleep, terror.

at 3 again at 4 or maybe 4:15 I was trembling and asleep and aware somehow of my trembling something curled next to me sobbing, shouting fighting something under my blanket I was too lazy to open my eyes and come,out of wherever the hell I went to the shouting continued for a moment, I [...]

One more morning.

waking up dizzy surrounded by filth and more filth to the same place I went again I cannot say if the sun rose or the night came yesterday I am haunted by something once again, I have begun to hate myself with my rage-filled brain, I can do nothing this explosion within me has my [...]