Just another junkie in a bottle.

red wine
on a saturday night
when the winds are still blowing
and they are blowing so well

a man once told me,

‘There’s nothing in wine!’

few years ago, he was a junkie
he could finish a whole bottle of whiskey
without water
now he is married and has got a son
who, last week, had bad diarrhoea
and was in hospital for two days

and when someone gets married,
you cannot really say anything
about them
often, they can’t say anything about

‘Life changed after I left college,’

that’s all he told me

and I never, never ask anybody,
whoever he is,
about his life

I have seen him often
smoking alone
and chewing cheap tobacco

‘I cannot live without tobacco
in my mouth,’ he says

I have seen in him the glimpse
of a junkie on more than
one occasion.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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