Some words from my workplace.

precious hours go wasted each day
the act of merely sitting in anticipation of work can prove to be cumbersome
doing work is easier, it kills time at least
'It is mandatory to complete your working hours,' we got the direction a week ago
'Fuck that,' to that I said
it is difficult to make grown men understand the new,
effective ways of working faster
I turn off the fan when I feel cold
and then turn it on again when the heat rises
the process repeats multiple times throughout the day
people in useless masks are roaming all around,
their temples, mosques, churches remain closed
they do not know anymore if God is listening to them
I make a joke on the people dying
some laugh while others adjust their masks
outside it is too hot to walk during daytime
nights are cold 
the roads remain largely empty
the shops remain closed, locked behind shutters, eating dust
the fruit sellers are selling half rotten fruits, half rotten vegetables,
every time I take a piss, I think of
going back to my home, sitting in my chair, doing nothing 
and being fine with it.

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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