Just like any other dusk.

I went to the roof, just like I did the day before yesterday
the crows gathered at 6:30, just like they must have yesterday,
talking among themselves in a language I still have not been able to decode
I have stopped trying for now, watching them is easier than understanding them
by 6:38, the sun had reduced to a red dot, falling fast behind a lump of mountains
I kept looking at it until it disappeared
the wind had begun to gain speed
all the crows were gone
I walked with many short steps for some time, then stopped to feel the wind,
then resumed my walking
I walked like it was my own, personal paradise
the village boys had stopped playing
the sky had almost lost all its light
fewer people remained outside,
I being one of them, walking with short steps between no specific spots
in the presence of wind, I did not feel the need of a song
in the absence of wind, life seems more difficult than it would be in the absence of food
I can live with hunger for a good long time
I saw people walking, like every day, on the roofs of their homes rather than walking on the streets
they find it safer on the roofs these days, as if the virus won't be able reach there and infect them
I am not like them, I go to the roof just for the sunset and the wind
by 7:15, everything went dark
I could see nothing, nothing saw me
few minutes later, I saw a lady arriving on the roof while talking loudly on her cellphone
she was followed shortly by a man 
I do not know if they saw me
for the remaining time for which I was on the roof, the lady kept talking loudly on her cellphone
while her man kept looking at her and sometimes at other things
I walked for some more time
then I started walking downstairs to my room
I turned off all the lights on the way down,
walked to my room, unlocked it, and went inside.

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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