First poetry e-book DYING IN LIVING releasing on 6th June, 2020. Pre-order available except in India.

FIRST LOOK OF POETRY BOOK DYING IN LIVING Hello everyone! I am so so excited to announce that my first poetry E-book 'DYING IN LIVING' is releasing world on 6th June, 2020 on Amazon Kindle Store. The ebook is available now for pre-order in all the countries except in India. Click here to pre-order my [...]

What a what!

what a vibrant black evening! what a wind! what a tree! what a clouds in what a sky! what a colours orange yellow and blue all turning grey what a grey sky it will be soon! what a white lightning! what a kid getting blown away by the wind! what a smell of fresh rain [...]

Long road.

Revisited few of my old poems. Had to do it. It's a pointless and important task. You might understand it or you will when you reach that point. Lots of shit needs to be written down. I hope one life will be enough, and if not, then what choice do I really have other than [...]

While the sky blazed

Wrote few more poems in the last couple of days for my book. It's going good. Life is not cruel these days since most men are locked inside. Tonight is cool weather and steady winds. I guess I will skip dinner, it slows me down and I am not that hungry. I ate stupid shit [...]

What things go on.

I sit in frustration, watching how things proceed. The inhumanity flowing parallel to humanity. The great killer tide. Longer hours of hunger prevail. Today, I slept to the point of mild nausea. Daytime is demotivating, draining. This place is, once again, a desert. I hardly know, these days, what is going on outside. I go [...]