What things go on.

I sit in frustration, watching how things proceed. The inhumanity flowing parallel to humanity. The great killer tide. Longer hours of hunger prevail. Today, I slept to the point of mild nausea. Daytime is demotivating, draining. This place is, once again, a desert. I hardly know, these days, what is going on outside. I go to work and then come back home. It is my only daily adventure. No walks outside. No drinking. Smoking I had quit long ago. This was a good time to start again.

Few essential shops open for a brief time – 9 in the morning till 12 at noon. Over the past few weeks, timings have been changed multiple times. The people higher up probably do not know what the fuck would be the best time for people to step outside. I guess for the people who are just stupid, no time would be best. For others, yeah, something can be worked out. Often, people from small nearby villages arrive after everything closes down. They remain unaware of the changed timings. Hopelessness smears their weary faces. They go back thinking about I don’t know what dreadful things. Extreme hunger. Death. Some other violence.

People are losing their minds. Isolating oneself can be toiling. Whatever. Sometimes, what needs to be done must be done without much thinking. It is the best bet.

Tonight is a dreary windless night. Only pests are roaming freely on our streets. And dogs. And pigs. I have not listened to any song today. Maybe soon I will. Maybe.

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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