Once again through the act.

The day before yesterday, I started second round of editing of my first book of poems. The first round I finished quite a while ago, like two weeks ago. Yesterday I could read again with a fresh eye and I was actually able to catch some more silly mistakes. So that went well.

The poems keep growing as of now. Something more keeps getting added. I thought that I would become numb to my own poems on reading them again and again, but that is not happening. Strange. Really.

Last two days brought a pleasant weather and it is that weather that helped me in going through my poems one more time. I am grateful to the winds for blowing. And of course great music. It is always there for me.

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18 thoughts on “Once again through the act.

  1. I love how exciting it is when you get close to the end of your publishing journey. I remember my first book of poetry, that exhilaration of making something complete finally. Best of luck to you, hope all goes well! Are you self-publishing or traditional?

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    1. 🙌🙌 Oh yes, it’s great in itself, bringing out your own book. I will go with self publishing. Traditional is long and tedious. I don’t have that much time haha. Self publishing will be fine for now.

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      1. Same here! I don’t have time to wait around : D Smashwords has been awesome, and there are so many other options to consider as well. This a really good time to be an independent writer.

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      2. Let me know if you have any questions! I just published my fourth book with them, so got some experience there. I like that they distribute your book to a bunch of other platforms. You can publish there in conjunction with other places like Amazon usually. I haven’t done much with Amazon yet because the books I’ve done so far are way too R-rated, but I plan on it once I slide into horror/scifi. The one great thing I’ve seen is that once you get your manuscript up to par for Smashwords, then it’s also good to go for Amazon, so in the future I plan on starting with Smashwords, then publishing to Amazon after.

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    1. Hello Lia! Appreciate your words 💙💙 No, I do not keep track of drafts. I keepediting the last one. Given how I write, I do not want to go back to old versions. I can always edit if I think something needs a change.

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      1. Somehow that is very soothing to hear that. I’m obsessed in the documenting department and it holds me back from getting stuff done. Old habits die hard. :)) thanks for sharing that. :))

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