Two bad days.

One bad day is fine. But two bad days in a row makes it a disaster. Looking at how things are going this week, it’s going to be an apocalypse by Saturday. But such is the nature of an apocalypse. Either it makes you do all the insane things you always wanted to do but couldn’t, or it makes you want to become the nicest man that you can be. I, personally, have always felt inclined towards insanity. The insanity of the spirit, not of the actions. A man insane in spirit is closer to freedom than the rest of us. Tonight, I will smoke again, like I did yesterday. No more cleanliness for a while. Outside, it just keeps raining. It’s a cold, bone-breaking, nerve chilling rain. I have been wet head to toe thrice in the last twenty four hours. No signs of sickness yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. Maybe I am already too fucking sick to carry any more sickness in me.

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