Telling a story.

That’s the thing. You tell a story. You don’t show it. Unfortunately, a great many who write fail in that. It’s important to arrest a reader’s mind in all the ways possible. It’s important to tickle his sense organs because that’s what connects him with the outside world. The sense organs. The senses of touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. I don’t suppose that it’s very hard to write a good piece of prose. Of course, it’s a craft, and like any craft, one needs to invest some time in learning it. These days, I’ve been giving some time to it. I haven’t delved much into fiction writing before. As I learn, I begin to see the fiction world as an aid rather than an obstacle in the path of telling my story. I can imagine, surely, but my imaginations have a great many gaps. It’s all about being creative with what you got in your hands. You cannot keep waiting just to begin. If it doesn’t begin now, I am afraid it might never ever begin.

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