Building my empire.

An empire isn’t built in a day. We build it brick by brick. It takes time. It can even take decades and that’s alright as long as we stay focused. I have always realised that persistence is the only key to meeting one’s goals. We need to persist. We need to constantly be at it, work for it. We cannot do it one day and then forget about it for a week or a month. I have not been a very persistent man until now. Now is when things have begun to change for me. I am much more clear headed than before. I am building my empire brick by brick each day and in all quietness. It’s the easiest and the hardest thing to persist. Most of them get bored even before they are halfway. That’s not persistence. Persistence is to keep putting bricks until the very last day. It’s easy only if one is focused. Without focus, without a clear picture of what one wants, one cannot persist. I do not have a clear picture yet, but I do have a clearer one. It will keep me going.

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