Milestone 2.0

Finished writing 200 pages of rough manuscript for my first work of prose. Coming out some time later this year or early next year. For now, learning the craft a little bit more. When it’s about writing, there’s nothing more important than to write and write and write and write. Come what may, you need to sit at your desk and do the writing every day. After years, I have come to that point where I can say that I have developed that kind of writing stamina. Whatever that day, however long and tiring it gets at work, I make sure I write something before I am in bed. It can be anything. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that I get it fucking done.

Feels good to see 200 pages of solid writing that I started with on 28th September last year. Nothing special about that day though. What makes the day memorable is this moment right now in which I remember it. That day was nothing on its own then but today, when I think about that day, it has gained some significance because a journey got started then and it continued well and I didn’t quit midway like always. 200 pages, 58000+ words, 800 paragraphs later, the writing still continues. Page count, word count all that doesn’t matter right now. I can do 200 more pages in maybe half the time. Maybe. For now, a moment of rest.

Let me know in comments what you’re currently working on. Have a good time.

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2 thoughts on “Milestone 2.0

  1. Unfortunately procastination kills my efforts to start something productive. Felt nice to know about your journey, how you started and where you stand today. Good luck. Have a good day.

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