The path never taken before.

So far, whatever job I’ve had and whatever job I’m having right now, I have been fairly good at it. That is not to boast about myself. I am just stating what is. And that’s precisely the problem. I am stuck doing something that I can do well and that which I do not want to do at all, even for a minute. It’s time I stand up for myself and invest at least 50% of the time I spend at my job in doing what I really love doing. And what I love doing is writing. I can write all day and night. I have done it. I have never run out of lines to write, and I’ve been doing serious writing since last five years. I’ve never had what people call ‘creative block.’ I just never had it. I could sit in a closed, locked room and write pages. I have done it so many times and I do it often.

But why am I writing all this. Why am I sharing all this. As always, I’m just letting a few things out. I am walking a new path, one that puts me in a vulnerable situation. Still, I’ve got one foot on the old path and the other on this new path. I cannot walk like that for long, I know. For now, I will do whatever I can to not stray totally from this new path. Just trying to do my bit everyday. It is hard because it is to be done all alone. If by day’s end, I have written at least a couple of really good paragraphs if not a couple of pages, I feel alright.

About today, it was a quiet day. It’s never all quiet though. Not much rain. Summer is back or so it seems.

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5 thoughts on “The path never taken before.

      1. I appreciated yours as well. Your support brought me here. I apologize for my comment, though it was meant sincerely at the time. Thanks for your concern.

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      2. p.s. And the reason I apologize is because it replied to the content not the writing. I realize in retrospect that can be very annoying. So I am sorry old buddy. Best wishes with everything. I’m still struggling to figure things out creatively, but it has otherwise been a lovely summer, lots of good weather. Thanks again.

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      3. Haha it’s not annoying at all. Never is. I am sure you’ll find your creative path. You’ve got it! Enjoy the summers and good weather. It’s something I’ve been waiting for.


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