Modern problems.

Dabbling between Instagram, Twitter, and here. It’s hard to keep up with all the spaces. Life was so good before social media, or one can say life was so good when I wasn’t on social media. I used to put more time into myself and not just pointlessly scrolling up and down like a robot. Back then, I used to read more. Nowadays, I am writing more but not as much as I used to read. Is there a relation between the two? Not an obvious one. The gist of the matter is that a lot of time goes into getting distracted by trivial shit on the social media. I am still saved because I am here for the sole purpose of connecting with other writers and readers and artists and sharing with them what I wish to share, and getting to learn whatever I can from them. But most of the time, the sharing and the exchange doesn’t happen at all. There’s hardly any word of exchange either through comments or emails or in whatever way suitable and possible. There’s hardly any learning, well, often there isn’t for me. I really wish the social media didn’t have to grow into this. Just saying. Social media isn’t a bad place. Social media is nothing without us, the people. As always, it all comes down to us what we make of it.

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