Rain and this and that.

Back home early. The day turned out to be better than I had expected. Owing to certain external factors, I didn’t have to work at all today. Instead, had a day long discussion with this lady on varied subjects – mysticism being a prime one. Also, what could possibly be the rationale behind a sane man eating another man, preferably a dead man. I can’t tell about the bits of discussion here. That’s not the point I want to convey here. I want to convey, as usual, nothing. I am just typing shit in one breath. Tomorrow, I am out on the road again after a gap of almost two months. To hell with all this rain. To hell with everything. I can’t stay back. I want to be back on highways and country roads. I want to be out there. I feel like a bitch without limbs. I feel like a bitch. A BITCH! I am close to freedom. Now is not the time to lose my shit. It is true that we need a space in our lives where we can openly discuss just about anything. I feel that most of us lack that space in our lives. Without that space, we would only suffocate ourselves on a daily basis. It would be like being dead without actually dying.

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