Tomorrow again.

I’ve always wanted to grow this blog of mine. It is now two years and three months old and I do not know the future of it as much as I do not know the future of myself. Had a call from a colleague an hour ago. It has left me drained. Nothing more tiring than a day job. I still haven’t found a way out of it. Another call. Another message. Another distraction. Lying in my bed. Thinking about a million things. It’s worth tonight to keep the windows open. The winds are just so good and so calming. Listening to Mighty Sam McClain. Mighty as ever. A voice so brutal, listening to it you would vomit all the sadness out of your eyes. I am trying to vomit now. It’s hard but I am trying. I am trying. I am trying. It’s well past ten at night and I am trying. McClain, pour me a drink like you’ve poured for yourself. McClain, savour the winds tonight like I am savouring them. McClain, make it rain. McClain, don’t be a cunt yet. Scream into the mike and make the world piss through the ears. I’ve only got today. Tomorrow, I am a free man searching for a new chain.

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