Last night wasn’t last night after all.

Jesus Christ! What was I thinking all this while. I don’t know. I’ve been a stupid asshole since a long time. Time to pull myself out of the pit. Time to be a hell maker. Time to shit out properly all that I can’t keep inside of me anymore. Enough of drinking and fooling around. Time to add a little more red to my blood. Enough of being a loser. Meanwhile, Dan is back. I see him coming back, still singing sad songs in his coarse voice, like he’s been drinking since the Big fucking Bang. He probably popped out of singularity with a can of beer. Goddamnit Dan. Goddamnit. With a voice like that, you could’ve won the whole universe. But you chose to go down silently like me and the rest of our kind. What is this stupidity with good people who are eternally sad. Fools. But then, sadness is the ink that stays the longest on the canvas of true art. Goddamnit Dan. Goddamnit. What are you making write. Shit. I’ve got twenty minutes to catch a fish, kill it, fry it and eat it. Gotta go.

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