After a noise day.

Hopefully, it won’t rain today. Dinner has been served earlier than usual, only I haven’t eaten yet. Often, my hunger isn’t for food. I will see later.

Met this character today. He is one of those who know nothing but shout a lot in everything. That’s how people like him want to hide their incompetence. They think that by being loud while talking, no one will question their actions and no one will resist them in any way. Being loud doesn’t mean being right. I think somebody who is right, he won’t necessarily have to be loud. He only has to be clear, and his voice will reach wherever it intends to reach. People like that character are almost everywhere. About them, nothing can be done.

A pleasant weather this evening. I’ll probably talk a walk on the roof, probably smoke, probably drink a can of beer. Or maybe I’ll just sit here and listen to jazz and read a little. Life is revealed only when it’s lived. A life not lived, well, it culminates in darkness all the same. And whether it’s lived or not lived, it’s quite ordinary.

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