One from my goddamned desk.

This one is a quick post from my mobile. That is something I never do. So if you’re reading on laptop or PC, apologies if it doesn’t look good. Also, about that, I do not give a shit. Ha ha ha. It’s been raining heavily since this morning. No electricity. No mobile connectivity. It all [...]

Out for too long.

basking in 11:47 sun Liszt crazy on his piano my life is a poorly crafter art film besides, no audience Liszt has gone to vomit soon, clouds gather and strike the birds down my mind a sea of toilet water in my garden, a peacock getting fucked by the neighbour's dog a cat sleeping through [...]

After a noise day.

Hopefully, it won't rain today. Dinner has been served earlier than usual, only I haven't eaten yet. Often, my hunger isn't for food. I will see later. Met this character today. He is one of those who know nothing but shout a lot in everything. That's how people like him want to hide their incompetence. [...]

Work work work.

Work work work work work work all week all day until evening. At night, it just rains and rains. It rains a lot. Too much rain to go anywhere or do anything other than sit in chair, drink coffee, smoke cigarette, drink beer, listen to music, read a little, think about the unfinished story, think [...]

I feel alright.

Eating breakfast and typing shit again. Went out to buy breakfast a while ago. These days, I myself do not do much cooking. Discovered a good small joint not far from here that makes really delicious breakfasts and meals. I just go there and buy and bring food home and eat. Saves my time. Gives [...]