Same old shit coming around.

Had been away from my desk. Had been on the roof for three whole evenings and quarter nights. It wasn't like I had anything important to do on the roof. I was just staring at the sky and feeling utterly cold out there and walking round and round in that little space and drinking beer [...]

Horror talk.

Dogs barking on dark streets. Men barking from inside their homes, from their porches, women barking day and night. It's strange, darkness makes men and women and dogs scream, as if the absence of light acknowledges the presence of horror of some kind. But what could that horror be. What could that be. It could [...]

Blood matter.

Nothing happened today. Not even a single damn thing. Nothing at all except chasing pointless targets. The targets set by the capitalists. The targets robbing us of of our lives and our time. The targets not letting us sleep. I do not even remember if I masturbated today. Pathetic. Sometimes, life can really kill you. [...]

Jazz, Paradox, Night.

Rubbing my eyes off cigarette smoke. Rubbing my chest. Thinking about an orange sky. Listening to Layla. Layla. Layla. That goddamn guitar riff opening my eyes for the first time this evening. It's nothing of an evening. Nothing much but it's there. Words do not matter and yet I write words all the time. This [...]

These goddamn people.

Every day this attempt to put down as much words as possible.It's a strange evening. The music is here but I am somewhere else, stuck in the dump of trivialities once again. Drinking beer and lighting cigarettes hoping they would save me again. I don't think they will. I really don't. This time it's different. [...]

Thinking about…

Thinking about the next song to play. Thinking about getting up and boiling eggs. Thinking about falling asleep again. Thinking about getting my shit together. Thinking about the next song to play. Thinking about walking to the garden for no reason, but it's too hot outside. Thinking about lighting a cigarette. Thinking about drinking rum. [...]

Shit is deeper than you think it is.

I am alive because I am alive and nobody can guarantee my life. Nobody can tell its expiry date, not even those astrologers, palm readers, lawmen, gunmen, bandits, snipers, doctors, hangmen, retail sellers, cinema hall goers, economists, conspiracy theorists, gods, philosophers, psychiatrists, healers, priests, butchers, facefuckers, assfuckers, blowjob givers, dickheads, cunts, the terminally ill, the [...]