Such a place does exist.

9 in the morning. Now, 12 noon. Took me two hours to write down a sentence. Windy outside. It hardly rains here. It rains for maybe 15 days in a whole year. Yeah, just 15 days of rain. Four years ago, it never user to rain here. Many died due to lack of livelihood or just lack of food or water. But I wasn’t here four years ago. I arrived here two and half years back. Life here is really slow. Nothing much going on. An annual festival used to happen here. Now even that has be scrapped off. In that festival, you could actually see people, so many people, otherwise you would never know so many live here. Strange place. No cinema halls, no great pubs or bars, definitely no nightclubs, no parks or museums or palaces, no libraries, no beaches or oceans or seas, no deserts, no shopping malls, no cafes, no universities. By now, you must be thinking that I am telling lies. You must be thinking, ‘How can such a place exist?’ Such a place does exist and I live in such a place. It’s a dry stretch of land far far away from all the cities and towns. You need some real balls to reach here. Moreover, you need real balls to live here. Many who end up here run away within a few months. It can get really lonely around here. For somebody who isn’t into any kind of art, this place might even drive him/her to suicide.

You see, art can really save somebody. It has that potential. The possibility of death is always there, but so is the possibility of living. I think art can open the possibility to both. Art can make you so alive, you are ready to die any moment. I think that’s all we are trying to do to ourselves – elevating ourselves to a point where we can feel a sense of total freedom, absolute liveliness. I think wherever that point of total freedom lies, death isn’t far from there. I think death and freedom are intertwined in some way. I think birth is a cage, this body a cage, these eyes, this voice, these ears, dreams, all a cage, and freedom won’t really come from the ways of the mind.

1 o’ clock noon. Still quite windy outside. Clouds gathering. It might rains again around 4. These days, it rains around 4 everyday. That’s it for now. Have a great time wherever you are.

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