Or maybe I am just talking shit again.

Life is a labyrinth. Sometimes, it’s just too clouded inside the goddamn head. The goddamn head. The questions are many, the answers nowhere to be found. Maybe life is just about asking more questions. Maybe life is about wanting to find answers and never about really finding answers. Maybe life is about sitting somewhere and watching everywhere and wondering all the time about all the things watched and not watched and felt and not felt. Maybe I fell down on the wrong planet. Maybe I popped up in the wrong universe. But as far as I have seen myself and known myself, nothing with a person like me can always go completely alright. There will always be something missing, some kind of unrest within, something that’s completely out of order. As I sit in my chair, the smell of antiseptic spilled on the floor filling my nose, the June sunlight trying to break through the steel layer of dark clouds, the wounds in my leg turning black from red, Dylan singing and Townes singing and Dave singing and the great Mary of Jesus singing, all singing all through the morning. Not anything to eat but a lot of good music to listen to. It’s always like that. Always. Maybe life is about listening music all day and night and one day, falling dead. Maybe life is about earning just enough money and working only so much to earn the money that would be enough, and devoting the rest of your time to something where your passion lies. Maybe life is about going through all and feeling all kinds of feelings and dreaming and forgetting and remaining here in the now and remaining as stable as one can even in the face of total destruction.

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