Goddamit that took a minute.

Drunk dying rifty rafty flying to the bottom of the ocean goddamn ocean but where the hell is all that water and all those mermaids and all those dead kittens with their wiggly tails and furs destroyed by mites I cannot believe I am seeing such suffering OH GOD what a world we are living in really but let’s forget about this world for a while because this song is fucking kickass isn’t it ISN”T ITTTTTT tell me it is because it is it fucking is but we can’t stay on that so let’s move on to what else what else yeah the stupid food but what about it because it will soon be cold so cold colder than the icebergs that put the hole in titanic and made it sink for eternity speaking about the eternity it was right in my ass until few hours ago when i shitted all out this noon HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I am extremely sorry for your loss and for everybody’s loss and for the loss of this whole goddamn universe because now eternity is just gone like pufffff in the air and we got nowhere to go.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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