I am growing for you anyways.

Back home after a short day at work. A colleague, who is a fucking asshole, got tested positive. So we all packed our shit and left all the files and documents, urgent or not, on a goddamn table and we locked that hellish place and drove off. On the way back, it started raining. My clothes are still wet. I am sitting half naked in my chair and thinking about how it started raining out of nowhere. I wasn’t prepared for the weather. But then, I am hardly ever prepared for anything. I am sitting bare-chested and thinking about how the raindrops were hitting my head like giant boulders falling from the sky. I am sitting and sipping hot coffee and thinking about your lips on my cock this morning, about your hands on my skin, I am thinking about you under me. We look so beautiful, so wonderful like that. We become the most peaceful of all the creatures. I love you under me, my legs between your legs, my chest touching your breasts, you wanting my mouth on those big and pretty nipples. I love us. I love me and you moving together. I was thinking about your ass back at work, and I am thinking about your ass now. I am thinking about your ass all the time, how it moves for me, how it makes me want you so badly. You are gone again but I am growing for you anyways. Your lips have torn apart my head. Your tongue puts me out of any misery. I could feed on those lovely nipples of yours all my life. It all feels so great and alright with my cock deep inside of you. I feel happy and alive. It’s noon now and your thoughts continue to make me wet. I will take a piss and change my clothes and go out and find something warm to eat.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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