Rewind. Repeat. Smoke and die.

The wound takes time to heal. First, there's redness. Then a little itching. Sometimes, too much. Then the new cells form and then, new skin. After a time, the wound disappears, like it was never there. But sometimes, the hurt continues. The flexibility just goes away. The bone gets weaker. The skin wrinkles. The muscles [...]

Another day killed.

Today. Did't really write much. Didn't write much but thought about a lot of poems that I could have written. Headache killed a major part of the day. Killed my mood. Kept me away from my desk and my chair until late evening. It has stopped raining now. Everything wet outside. The tree leaves. The [...]

Hangover maybe.

They make sad faces everywhere. Faces with subdued smiles. Because if they really open their mouths and laugh, this world will come to an end. Such hideous creatures. Such dull monsters. Such jackals tearing up and the sky and the earth with their shallow sadness and boring humour and boring talking. Such rats not even [...]

Banging on my desk.

Working saturday sucks. It sucks more when it's a holiday but you are supposed to work because you didn't finish the work earlier on time. It sucks because the work will really never finish but your life surely will. And on your death bed, you won't remember and cherish a single moment spent on correcting [...]