In the dumping ground.

Meanwhile, the piglets gathered around an almost eaten rotten apple. They gathered around it and thought nothing. Creatures of action. Dirty, no doubt, but they acted and acted alone, and they ran fast when they felt afraid. I had eaten a half of that apple that morning when I realized that the other half had begun rotting. It didn’t taste bad. I washed my mouth and threw the apple out of a window. The dumping ground isn’t far from my home. My home is in a dumping ground. Garbage all around. Once in two days, a truck arrives to carry away all the garbage. Almost always, there’s more to carry away. It must be a tiring job – gathering the litter, driving away the piglets. The smell of it all. Nauseating! I watched the piglets gather around that rotten apple. One of them grabbed it by the teeth and ran off. The others ran behind it. The dumping ground fell quiet again. No rustling, no hustling. I went back inside and thought about cooking something instead.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All Rights Reserved.

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