Celebration was an excuse.

The smoke rose up from whatever burnt and drifted west towards a darkness that was unknown to me. The children had come out on the streets, burning their fingers with some kind of sudden urge to enjoy that evening. By 7, the whole town grew quite noisy. I began finding less pleasure than before in sitting outside and looking up, fixating at some random star. Although one can say that no star is random, that it is there in that position by some universal rule. I did not care much about rule or no rule. That there was a star above and it was shimmering and could be looked at was enough for me. For some reason, I felt this sudden uneasiness. Maybe it was all that noise. I felt getting up from my chair and have another drink or go outside – to where, I could not think. Somebody made a bonfire. I saw shadow of a kid dancing around the fire. He seemed quite happy. Maybe he was never wounded. Fear hadn’t found a place in his head. Good for him. The smoke was spreading evenly over the town. Some time later, a car went up in flames. Its owner looked worried. The bonfire was extinguished. The children were taken inside their homes like something ominous had happened, like death was lurking nearby, searching for a young victim. I sat in my balcony and watched and I realised that the town was not ready to grow quiet.

Copyright © Tomic Riter. All rights reserved.

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