Morning noise.

The rain stopped some time between morning and night. The collected water is drying here and there all by itself. An hour ago, somebody knocked at my door. Nobody was there when I looked out the peephole. A neighboring kid does that sometimes but I do not suspect it was him today. His knock is quite playful and you can, most times, hear him giggling outside. Today it wasn’t so. Today, the knock was a precise two knocks of equal intensity, like an adult did that. But nobody lives here except me. All the doors have locks except mine. Mine remains locked only from inside. Outside, the sun is up but I haven’t seen it yet. How the weather is today is yet to be known. As of now, I can barely handle my head. A fearful mind cannot ever make a decision, and moreover, stick to it. A clear sky is what I desire today but whatever comes, comes and my eyes have got to watch it.

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