About other places.

I hardly go anywhere. I go everywhere. I do not go anywhere in the manner in which most of them go. Oh how they go. Trash people. I prefer to stay away from all of them. But sometimes, things aren’t in my hands. That’s life. Nobody owes me anything. I owe nothing to anybody. I’ve got my own way of living and it doesn’t go well with most of them. I do not give a damn. I cannot always make myself understandable to anyone. Those days are gone for me as well as for them. All they can do now with me is disagree with me. I prefer their disagreements. I prefer they disagree with me and leave me alone. There’s no growth in being with them or around them. They belong in the herd and I hunt alone. Trash people are hard to deal with. An army of trash people is impossible to deal with. The best course of action is to be a patient listener and ignore their trash and do whatever the hell you feel is the right thing to do.

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