A quiet noon, writings, and songs from the road.

I remember the day when I made this blog. I am not sure if it has been a year or two here. I have been writing poetry since last five years. I have published two poetry books till now. They are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle store. There’s so much more that I have written in private pages that wait to see the daylight. There’s so much more to write. Every time I sit down to write, I have always succeeded in putting down a few lines. So far, my own mind hasn’t defeated me, at least not in this.

Around some time last year, I started focusing more on prose writing. I start thinking about what kind of prose would I write if I ever decide to explore it. Whether it’s prose writing or poetry, I have found that it’s easier to write in the moment than to excavate past. I hardly ever wait for the lines to come out. It’s like the lines are all there inside my head and all I need to do is slowly turn on the tap so that drops fall out and down on the paper one at a time.

Journal writing did help a lot in developing the prose style. I’ve been writing journal since last six months. A major portion of my next book will be constructed straight from there. About the rest of it, well, I cannot say anything. Whether prose or poetry, I want my lines to hit the readers as if they are nuclear missiles. I hate extra words. I hate lengthy sentences unless it’s Dostoyevsky who is doing the writing. Dostoyevsky did it best. The others, not as good as him. His death is a real loss. All the good ones like him died even before I were born. Now, I can only mourn as I read their books. I am nowhere close to my gods. My gods from hell from whom I learn.

I’ve started reading again here. It will take some time to catch up with everything that I’ve missed in the last couple of months. I am getting there. Also, good to write here again. This place always makes words just fucking flow out of my fingers so effortlessly. I am also thinking about what new I can do on this blog. I’ve got ideas. Started doing a little bit of photography a month ago. Thinking about doing some video shoots. Getting in good shape, the shape I were in four years ago. A lot is going on and twenty four hours seem enough if managed well.

It’s another burning day in my life. I wait for the night so that I can step out for a while.

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