Lo-fi, Bird eggs, Fight.

The lo-fi playlist continues. Song number 424 and it’s soothing to the ears. It seems like a song I can play on repeat. I think I will play it on repeat. Early morning, checked again for the snake in my garden. It’s nowhere to be seen. Yesterday evening, saw a number of tailor bird nests hanging down the palm tree branches. One guy said the snake came because of that. It wanted the eggs, and if it got lucky, it must have thought, then it could have a bird as well.

As far as I know, the snake didn’t come back, and it didn’t have any bird or eggs either. This morning, drove to a nearby joint, bought some stupid snacks to munch all day. Ran out of beer last evening. I have a sudden urge to watch a great cinema. When I think about it, I feel depressed. Not one good cinema these days. All they are filming is crap. Shallow.

At the joint, saw four maybe five men sitting and sipping tea and coffee. I recognized one of them and I feel he recognized me too although my eyes stayed hidden behind black sunglasses. We had a verbal fight some time back. I had forgotten about it until this morning. Human brain is fascinating. It’s a killing machine, a slow poison. I ran insdie the joint, bought what I was looking for, paid and drove back home. No word to anyone. It saved my day.

And now, time for a little morning jazz.

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